It’s NOT a good idea to have employees sign COVID-19 waivers...but we have some ideas to help you mitigate your risk

Employers are confronted with a new level of employment risk not experienced in the recent past.

One question that keeps popping up is whether it is advisable for employers to require employees to sign COVID-19 waivers in order to mitigate risk. The short answer is no. Check out the reasons why, as well as practical tips for minimizing employment risk related to COVID-19.

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Best Practices for Employee COVID-19 Screenings

Many employers are now screening employees for symptoms of COVID-19. And it’s a great practice.

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Introducing S.A.F.E. for Work

Portal Green launches an online COVID-19 screening tool to help employers ensure their employees are “S.A.F.E.” for work.

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Q&A with Executives to Discuss Organizational Change Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Although employees have always been integral to the success of a business, a discussion with executives reveals that as companies strive for continued success in light of COVID-19, employees are the common denominator.

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Keys to Effectively Leading Through a Crisis

How leaders respond during a time of crisis will determine the fate of their organizations. Consider these 4 basic principles to demonstrate the leadership skills needed to move your business forward.

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A Message From Our CEO About COVID-19

Portal Green stands ready to assist all of its clients and prospects during these challenging times.

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